Peggy's Story

Margaret Allyn Greene Best, better known as Peggy, believes that everyone has a story and that story should to be told. Peggy has been writing since high school, but has only now had the courage and resources to publish her works. This site is created for those of you who want to write your story and present it in some form for others to read or hear.


Born on September 11, Peggy writes her memoir titled A Soldier's Daughter with the hope that those who read it will understand that every person shares in the history of their country and the world.

This site is designed to:

  • Show you how to begin your story
  • Present other sites that may help you create your story
  • Suggest other resources (memoirs, biographies, how to books)
  • Advertise books
  • Create a following of like minded memoir writers

Peggy's first book, Unsung Hero, published in 2018 and available from,, and Barnes & Noble, tells the story of her father. It contains his memoir of life in a POW camp during WWII and continues with Peggy's research into his life as a military officer. It is a memoir/biography/tribute to her unsung hero.

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Peggy’s new book comes out in December 2018. A Soldier’s Daughter is the memoir of Peggy’s life as a child of the military during the Cold War from 1947-1969.

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