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“We All Have a Story to Tell.”

Margaret Allyn Greene Best

Author of “Unsung Hero”

Unsung Hero

by Margaret Allyn Greene Best

Margaret Allyn Greene Best (1947- ) wrote Unsung Hero, her first published book as a tribute to her father and other unsung heros today. Raised as an Army Brat during the Cold War, she moved often learning to adapt to various circumstances. Margaret is married with three grown children and eight grandchildren. She is a retired elementary teacher who loves reading, writing, teaching, history, and genealogy.

She has lived in six different countries and visited many more. Margaret resides in a large retirement community called The Villages, Florida where she is active in two social groups, two writing groups, and two political groups. She is a member of DAR, NSDU, AAUW, BSP, and the Florida Writer’s Association. Her next book Dandelion Daughter is due for publication at the end of 2018.

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The Biography, The Life and Times of
Albert V. Greene


Peggy’s first book, Unsung Hero, published in 2018 and available from,, and Barnes & Noble, tells the story of her father. It contains his memoir of life in a POW camp during WWII and continues with Peggy’s research into his life as a military officer. It is a memoir/biography/tribute to her unsung hero.

Coming in December 2018!

Peggy’s new book comes out in December 2018. "Dandelion Child" is the memoir of Peggy’s life as a child of the military during the Cold War from 1947-1969.

Dandelion Child: A Soldier’s Daughter is a memoir written for the young adult to adult audience about the author’s life as a child of the military during the Cold War from 1947 until 1969. All stories are true to the best of the author’s recollection and from her point of view. Tales indicate how she developed from a child, through her teen years and into adulthood and how being an Army Brat shaped her life. A section is devoted to today’s military children and how we can assure they get the help not available to earlier generations

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Unsung Hero Author: Margaret Allyn Greene Best

Peggy Best is available for speaking engagements telling her story for your organization, special event, or celebration ceremony.

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PowerPoint and Book Presentations available by appointment.

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I Won!!

My book UNSUNG HERO won second place in the RPLA writing contest for published biogaphy.

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